Making work, work


Juggling parenting with a career can be hard; I know I am a local mum with a young family, trying to do just that, which is why I have created flexibjobs.co.uk.

Flexijobs is a local job board of flexible, part time, term time or job sharing roles in and around South London, specifically Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston and surrounding areas.

It came about after speaking to so many talented and educated parents in a similar position to myself, wanting to work around family commitments, but finding it hard to find roles locally. I have set myself the goal of starting up a local flexible job community to champion the voice of parents wanting to find work that works for them.

Through the website www.flexijobs.co.uk and on our Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn communities I plan to bring local flexible and part time jobs together in one central place, while sharing advice and support from other parents and local resources…. watch this space.